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New Pathways into Quilt History written by Kimberly Wulfert, www.antiquequiltdating.com

Women (and Men) at Work

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The Sewing Machine and Quilters in the 19th Century by Kimberly Wulfert  The first several years the sewing machine was available in America . . . One would think women had flocked to buy them . . . Elias Howe patented the sewing machine in 1846.

Homage to Cuesta Benberry, 1923 - 2007

Antique Sewing & Needlework Tools - Collecting Bone
by Gloria Brunning, Needleworker

The Non-Electric Sewing Machine,
People Powered Sewing Machines, Not Just for the Amish

by Anne Kusilek Anne is a sewing machine collector and professional quilter from Prairie Farm, WI, who has been using people-powered sewing machines for 16 years. Known by sewing machine collectors as “Damascus Annie” . .

Piecing Together the Past of
Virginia Snow Studios – Elgin, IL
by Susan Wildemuth The name Virginia Snow first began appearing around 1913 when Collingbourne Mills created her to help sell their products.

Biography of Sarah Josepha Hale of Godey's Lady's Book
by Hope Greenberg, University of VT

Today's Quilt Historians

Laura Weaver -- a True Story
by Pat Moore Her quilt solved a crime.

The Deaf Art Club
by Helene E.R. Oppenheimer
A fascinating way that quilt designs in clay are being used to teach the deaf and blind. 

Kids Can Sew and Craft
from Judi Harris


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