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New Pathways into Quilt History written by Kimberly Wulfert, www.antiquequiltdating.com

My Book Reviews

Reviews of art-oriented books

* Stitched Collage: Creative Effects on Paper and Fabric
Think Like an Artist, DVD
* New Cuts for New Quilts
* Design Explorations for the Creative Quilter,
   easy-to-follow lessons for dynamic art quilts
* Big One-Star Quilts by Magic
* Teach You Art Quilt Basics

Other reviews ...by date published

* Quilts Around the World, the Story of Quilting from Alabama to Zimbabwe
* This I Accomplish: Harriet Powers' Bible Quilt and other Pieces
* Small Quilts, Stunning Blocks

* Making History:
Quilts and Fabrics From 1890-1970
Red, Green & Beyond, by Nancy Hornback & Terry Clothier Thompson
* American Quilts and Coverlets in The Metropolitan Museum of Art
The Quilter's Catalogue: A Comprehensive Resource Guide
Mother Earth and Her Children, A Quilted Fairy Tale
* A Guide to Quality, Taste, and Style
FACTS & FABRICATIONS: Unraveling the History of QUILTS & SLAVERY
* Quilts in Red and Green and the Women Who Made Them
An Interview with Celia Eddy and her "Quilted Planet"
* Kokoro no Te: Handmade Treasures from the Heart
* Vintage Fabrics - Identification & Value Guide
* A Stitch in Time Quilts from the Genesee Country
* Restoring Crazy Quilts: The Advanced Quilt Restoration Workshop  - DVD set
* Quilt Restoration Workshop - DVD set
* Passing On The Comfort
* Jinny Beyer's Hand Piecing CD
* Home and Country Early Nineteenth Century Quilts in the DAR Museum
* The Quilt That Walked To Golden
* Encyclopedia of Designs for Quilting
* America's Printed Fabrics 1770-1890
* American Quiltmaking 1970 - 2000
* Keepsake Signature Quilts
* Antique Quilts & Textiles
* American Quilt Classics 1800-1980
* Telltale Quilts: Quilts from Historic Deerfield
* Linen Heirlooms, Vintage Linens

Vintage Tinted Linens & Quilts
* Lichen Dyes: The New Source Book

* Mauve: How One Man Invented a Color That Changed the World


* Books

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