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New Pathways into Quilt History written by Kimberly Wulfert, www.antiquequiltdating.com

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Antique fabrics and new fabrics are discussed. We can learn about Fabric history through reproductions made today. In my reproduction fabric reviews, I discuss and interpret swatches of new reproduction fabric lines and compare them to the old ones when possible. I teach workshops for making reproduction quilts, incorporating old fabrics and blocks with new fabrics. I do not sell fabric. Visit your local quilt shop and if you can't find it there, see my links for recommendations.

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A YuwaDesign: FreeSpirit Studio Collection. French inspired prints, for mid-19th to mid-20th century quilts

Promenade II by Le Rouvray
Made by FreeSpirit
Early 19th Century French prints, including many large-scale florals.

Cocheco II from American Textile History Museum, Lowell, MA

Cocheco Mills
- the History and Fabrics

Cocheco produced dress goods, furnishing fabrics, novelties and printed patterns, such as stuffed toys from 1827 to 1912.

New England Quilt Museum's Collage Collection by In the Beginning Fabrics
A scrapbook of fabrics from their Boston Pavement quilt, c.1895

From the Mills - P&B
This line was done cooperatively with The American Textile History Museum, using Cocheco, Arnold, Merrimack and Allen Print Works, from their collections.

Fine Fabrics in Hard Times
by Joan Kiplinger
Every so often questions surface regarding the quality of fabrics made during the Great Depression of the 1930s. There is this notion that because times were hard that textiles suffered equally.

The Pat L. Nickols III Collection by P&B
Large-scale Chintz with small-scale coordinates, ca. 1850

The Pat L. Nickols Collection II  c. 1840 for P & B Fabrics
A new line of large-scale fabrics, including chintz and monochromes. Learn printing methods used to make these prints.  
1887: Crazy Blocks al dente

Madder, Minerals and Indigo: Cotton Dyeing in the 18th and 19th Centuries 
Prior to the Revolutionary War, America shipped her plentiful supply of raw cotton to Britain, where it was spun, woven, printed and sold back to her as yardage.

American Print Co. Prints: 1910 - 1920s Chocolates: 1870s-1880s

1939 New York World's Fair salesman's sample cards 
(This takes about two minutes to download at 56k)

A Season of Toiles - 18th Century reproduction prints of toiles from the Allentown Art Museum and by P&B Textiles

Birds and Basics Collection - 1840s fabrics from Harriet Hargrave for
P& B
Divine pheasant and plum tree chintz reproduction

Squier Lane by Diane Albeck-Grick for P & B Fabrics

A new line for time-span quilts.  

RJR's Prairie Prints Collection

RJR's Prairie Prints are part of the Great Lakes, Great Quilts collection.

Great Lakes, Great Quilts
- RJR Fabrics

Twelve of the Michigan State University’s Museum’s quilts, ranging in age from the 1840s to 1920s, were used to design this new line of reproductions.

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